Importance of Intruder Alarm Maintenance & Servicing

Intruder alarms play an important role when protecting buildings from threats, but to ensure they are operating properly, they need regular maintenance. Having an intruder alarm serviced regularly will ensure that the system is operating properly and avoid any system failures arising. Regular maintenance holds a host of benefits for the intruder alarm system in your building. Our Fyretec Ltd team has put together a guide to why regular servicing is essential. 

Protect Your Property

An intruder alarm’s purpose is to protect a building or property from threats; as a security measure, they offer some of the best protection against intruders, regardless of the size of a building. Regular maintenance and servicing are advised for any intruder alarm to ensure a property stays protected. If there is a fault with the system, this may affect how it operates; however, if the alarm is serviced, it will make certain that the intruder alarm is operating to full capacity. 

Detect Problems in Advance

Having a professional company conduct, a service on your intruder alarm will ensure that problems are detected early. Identifying any faults will help to make sure that it doesnt develop further into a problem that could affect your property’s protection. Early detection of issues can also help reduce the cost of an emergency fix. 

Extend the Lifespan of Your Alarm

Without regular attention, a fault arising with your system could be inevitable. You’ve invested money into an intruder alarm system; you want to ensure that it is serviced regularly to avoid impromptu costly repairs. Regular servicing will enable you to keep minor faults to a minimum and even improve the lifespan of your intruder alarm system. 

Adhere to the Terms of Building and Contents Insurance

Each business and even domestic home has building and contents insurance, but if they have evidence that a property is protected and has a security system, they could potentially offer a better premium. If you do declare your security system to your insurance company, the conditions they disclose will have to be adhered to, such as annual services. The terms and conditions an insurer has regarding the maintenance contracts will need to be met by the customer to access the premiums. 

Peace of Mind

Not only will regular servicing help your system perform better, but it will offer the owners and tenants of a property peace of mind and ensure their properties are protected. Expert guidance during maintenance visits will give you the certainty that your system is working effectively. 

Intruder Alarm Maintenance & Servicing with Fyretec Ltd

At Fyretec Ltd, we provide the highest quality fire and security services. Not only do we supply intruder alarm systems to properties of all types, but we also offer professional and reliable ongoing maintenance to ensure they remain efficient and functional. Our work is fully compliant with the British Standards, providing our clients with the assurance that our services are carried out to the highest standard. If you’d like more information about our fire and security services or you’d like to request a quote, please get in touch with the team at Fyretec Ltd.